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Stash contains many features to help you begin taking control of your finances.

Once you start using Stash to record your financial transactions, you will be amazed at how easy it becomes to find problem areas in your budget and correct them.

financial snapshot

Each time you open your financial plan, the first thing you will see is a snapshot of your current financial situation. Various charts and summaries of recent and up-coming transactions will allow you to see how you well you are sticking to your financial goals with a glance.


Setting up and maintaining a budget is usually thought of as a tedious process. Not so! With Stash you can setup a budget in a matter of minutes and begin to see a breakdown of your income and expenses.

Regular expenses (and income) can be entered into Stash and you will be presented with a spreadsheet like interface detailing your expected cash flow instantly! If you need to change one of your expenses simply alter the schedule or amount and Stash will show you the effects straight away.


Use Stash to keep a record of the accounts you use day to day.

As you make transactions, record them in Stash and your account balances will be tracked.

Easily recall transaction histories for any time period you like. You can use Stash to view your account history instead of relying on your bank.


Every time you spend (or receive) money record the transaction in Stash. You can record details such as which account was used and where you made the transaction. At a later stage Stash can recall all of this information for you easily.

Stash also shows you your future transactions before they have happened! You can see what transactions you will need to make ahead of time and be prepared.

Summaries can be made of any transaction so you can see a how much you have spent on each category setup in your budget.

recurring transactions

Set up all your regular income and expenses in one convenient location. You only need to provide details of your regular expenses once, and they will appear in your transactions when they are due. There's no reason to miss a bill ever again.


Sometimes looking at figures just doesn't paint a clear enough picture of your financial situation. Stash includes helpful charts so you can visualize your financial situation.

Chart types include:

  • Account forecasts - see how long that loan is going to take to pay off!
  • Cash Flow History and Forecasts - see your income and expenses compared over time.
  • Income and Expense breakdowns: see a breakdown chart of your spending to isolate problem areas.


No budgeting program would be complete without some handy financial tools.

Stash includes a loan and savings calculator to help you find:

  • your loan repayments
  • the term of your loan
  • how much you can save
  • how long it will take you to save up for that holiday
  • ... and much more.


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