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If you would like to purchase Stash please follow the link below to our online store. We have chosen to distribute Stash through Share-It!, who are an online merchant specializing in the sales of Software over the internet.

Buy Stash 2

buy stash 2 now for only US$ 30.00

Once you purchase Stash 2, you will receive a serial number from Share-It! via email. Next time you run Stash 2, enter your serial number when prompted. Stash 2 will then be registered and you can continue to use it aslong as you would like.

Upgrade Offer

Please note, users who have already purchased Stash 1.x are eligible for a free upgrade to Stash 2. In order to receive your serial number for Stash 2, please use the contact form on the support page to request a serial number.  Please supply your name, email and serial number for Stash 1.x.  Once your serial number has been verified you will receive a permanent serial number for Stash 2. Please note: this offer is only valid for purchases of Stash 1.x made prior to 1/3/2007. From this date forward Stash 1.x will no longer be available.


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